Ernst Mach — Austrian Physicist born on February 18, 1838, died on February 19, 1916

Ernst Waldfried Josef Wenzel Mach was a Czech-Austrian physicist and philosopher, noted for his contributions to physics such as the Mach number and the study of shock waves. As a philosopher of science, he was a major influence on logical positivism, American pragmatism and through his criticism of Newton, a forerunner of Einstein's relativity... (wikipedia)

The fact is, every thinker, every philosopher, the moment he is forced to abandon his one-sided intellectual occupation by practical necessity, immediately returns to the general point of view of mankind.
Man is pre-eminently endowed with the power of voluntarily and consciously determining his own point of view.
If our dreams were more regular, more connected, more stable, they would also have more practical importance for us.
Ordinarily pleasure and pain are regarded as different from sensations.
The plain man is familiar with blindness and deafness, and knows from his everyday experience that the look of things is influenced by his senses; but it never occurs to him to regard the whole world as the creation of his senses.