Esperanza Spalding — American Musician born on October 18, 1984,

Esperanza Emily Spalding is an American jazz bassist, cellist and singer, who draws upon many genres in her own compositions... (wikipedia)

If you don't already know about jazz music, how would you be exposed? How would get an opportunity to find out if it spoke to you? If you get exposed to it enough, you might find a taste for it.
You can grow up with literally nothing and you don't suffer if you know you're loved and valued.
I just think music is so intrinsically linked with images in the culture that we live in that you'll be hard-pressed to have an experience with the music without a preconceived notion.
I think there's so much negative influence on children in school settings. It becomes learning by rote to pass a test. It's not contextualized.
It's a pity that if someone who has a really profoundly potent art to share chooses not to or doesn't fit into this very thin slice of what's desirable and marketable, chances are the public will never get a chance to hear what they're doing.