Fairuza Balk — American Actress born on May 21, 1974,

Fairuza Balk is an American film actress. She made her theatrical film debut as Dorothy Gale in Disney's 1985 film Return to Oz. Balk also made appearances in Valmont, The Craft, The Island of Dr. Moreau, American History X, The Waterboy, Almost Famous, and Personal Velocity: Three Portraits... (wikipedia)

I always get the 'goth girl' thing because I wear black. But I don't worship death.
I'm beginning to get pigeonholed as the girl who plays the crazies and weirdoes - and that's not the entirety of who I am. Hopefully, the whole point of being in this profession is that you change into anyone you want to be.
My family is basically Gypsies - for real.
I got beat up up in Texas because my bootlaces were the wrong color.
I want love, because love is the best feeling in the whole world.