Federica Montseny — Spanish Activist born on February 12, 1905, died on January 14, 1994

Federica Montseny Mañé was a Spanish anarchist, intellectual and Minister of Health during the social revolution that occurred in Spain parallel to the Civil War. She is also known as a novelist and essayist... (wikipedia)

The love of liberty and the sense of human dignity are the basic elements of the Anarchist creed.
If all our comrades of Europe, America and other countries, who do not understand what we are doing to Spanish Anarchism, would come to Spain, we could then see how they would react.
We need no messiah and no sterile conception of a god menacing us with hell and purgatory.
The struggle is so great that the triumph over fascism alone is worth the sacrifice of our lives.
Men are as we have always known them, neither better nor worse from the hearts of rogues there springs a latent honesty, from the depths of honest men there emerges a brutish appetite - a thirst for extermination, a desire for blood.