Felix Rohatyn — American Businessman born on May 29, 1928,

Felix George Rohatyn is an American investment banker. He is known for his role in preventing the bankruptcy of New York City in the 1970s, and he also served as United States Ambassador to France. He was a long-term advisor to the U.S. Democratic Party... (wikipedia)

Investment banking is not a business; it is a personal service where bankers work hand in hand with their clients. And it is a service that must not simply be about making bigger and bigger deals that reap rewards for only a small group of executives.
At its core, banking is not simply about profit, but about personal relationships.
I am a capitalist and I believe in making a profit.
In the 1970s, New York City avoided bankruptcy because wise political leaders like Gov. Hugh L. Carey believed both in strong labor unions and robust banks and companies.
The early years of my life were very, very traumatic. It was scary, because any child knew that death was sort of lurking around Europe as far as Jews were concerned.