Gabriel Basso — American Actor born on December 29, 1994,

Louis Gabriel Basso III is an American film and television actor. He is perhaps best known for his roles in the Showtime television series The Big C, the 2011 science fiction film Super 8, and the 2013 coming-of-age comedy-drama film The Kings of Summer... (wikipedia)

I'm an artist. So if acting doesn't work out, which I hope it does, I'm probably going to go into graphic design or something like that.
I appreciate when people enjoy my work, but I don't like being recognized in public.
I don't see a lot of nature in L.A. Then again, I don't see a lot when I go back to St. Louis, either.
I got lost one time for a couple hours. It was pretty bad. I got lost in a creek, and I couldn't find my way back. The cops even had to come.
I had one of the most outdoorsy childhoods you could imagine. I basically lived in the woods until I was 13. My dad and I built a huge treehouse in our backyard in Chesterfield, about 30 feet in the air. And we'd vacation on an island in Michigan, where I hunted a deer that we ate.