Geoff Stults — American Actor born on December 15, 1977,

Geoffrey Manton "Geoff" Stults is an American actor. He is known for his regular roles on 7th Heaven, October Road and Happy Town. He most recently starred as Major Walter Sherman in The Finder and as Sgt. Pete Hill in Enlisted... (wikipedia)

In sports, every day you can be the hero or the goat.
I did 'Good Morning America' with David Beckham. Oh, god, what a handsome devil that guy is.
The holiday season can be an especially trying time for our service men, women, and families. Military service and deployment create empty seats at holiday tables, religious services, and celebrations.
A part of being in the army is you never really leave a man behind.
I've never thought that what I do as an actor does anything for anybody, other than making them laugh once in a while.