George Balanchine — Russian Dancer born on January 09, 1904, died on April 30, 1983

George Balanchine was a Russian-born American ballet choreographer. Styled as the father of American ballet, he took the standards and technique from his education at the Imperial Ballet School and fused it with other schools of movement that he had adopted during his tenure as a guest choreographer on Broadway and in Hollywood, creating his signature "neoclassical style". He was a choreographer known for his musicality; he expressed music with dance and worked extensively with leading composers of his time like Igor Stravinsky... (wikipedia)

In ballet a complicated story is impossible to tell... we can't dance synonyms.
God creates, I do not create. I assemble and I steal everywhere to do it - from what I see, from what the dancers can do, from what others do.
In my ballets, woman is first. Men are consorts. God made men to sing the praises of women. They are not equal to men: They are better.
Most ballet teachers in the United States are terrible. If they were in medicine, everyone would be poisoned.
The ballet is a purely female thing; it is a woman, a garden of beautiful flowers, and man is the gardener.