George Pierce Baker — American Educator born on April 04, 1866, died on January 06, 1935

George Pierce Baker was an American educator in the field of drama... (wikipedia)

Rare is the human being, immature or mature, who has never felt an impulse to pretend he is some one or something else.
Out of the past come the standards for judging the present; standards in turn to be shaped by the practice of present-day dramatists into broader standards for the next generation.
Sensitive, responsive, eagerly welcomed everywhere, the drama, holding the mirror up to nature, by laughter and by tears reveals to mankind the world of men.
What then is tragedy? In the Elizabethan period it was assumed that a play ending in death was a tragedy, but in recent years we have come to understand that to live on is sometimes far more tragic than death.
But what is drama? Broadly speaking, it is whatever by imitative action rouses interest or gives pleasure.