Georgina Chapman — English Designer born on April 14, 1976,

Georgina Rose Chapman is an English fashion designer and actress. Chapman, along with actress and former model Keren Craig, is a co-founder of the fashion label Marchesa... (wikipedia)

Belize suits me because I'm active and I like diving. I learnt when I was 18, in Thailand, and I have dived in Vietnam, which wasn't great, the Red Sea, which was incredible and reasonably priced, and then the Maldives, which is like being submerged in an aquarium.
Photography obviously lends itself so well towards fashion. It's capturing that moment and that inspiration, and as a designer you are constantly walking through the world assimilating those visual references you have and so being able to solidify that into a photograph and keep it on your mood board is essential to creating a collection.
What I love about my husband is that he really allows me to be the best person I can.
The Indians have such strong traditions and aesthetics, and the people are beautiful, as are their goods.
My family is my number one priority.