Gillian Jacobs — American Actress born on October 19, 1982,

Gillian MacLaren Jacobs is an American actress and director. She portrayed Britta Perry on the NBC/Yahoo! Screen comedy series Community. Jacobs also appeared in television shows such as Fringe, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Good Wife, and Girls, and in films such as Gardens of the Night, The Box, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and Bad Milo!... (wikipedia)

I think maybe my mom thought that Katharine Hepburn would be a good role model of, like, a strong, smart, independent woman. Maybe she steered me in that direction. You know, because she was really so ahead of her time.
A lot of my friends are guys, so I'm used to bro antics.
No actor wants to choose - they just want all of the options available to them all the time; we tend to be pretty greedy.
'Fresh Air' I listen to, like, every day.
I feel like the Internet has embraced the pizza dance. I feel appreciated for once in my life.