Glenn Tipton — English Musician born on October 25, 1948,

Glenn Raymond Tipton is an English Grammy Award-winning guitar player and songwriter. Often noted for his complex playing style and classically-influenced solos, he is best known as one of the lead guitarists for heavy metal band Judas Priest... (wikipedia)

I think we all appreciate it now just how lucky we are to be in a band like Judas Priest.
And because of the reunion I think we've got more energy and enthusiasm than we've ever had. And it's genuine. I think the fans can detect when you're genuine, when you love what you do, and we love to be there on stage. That's what we thrive on.
The hardest part is to travel, and to be away from your family.
I'm a married man and I've got two children, and you have to do sacrifices.
You can have a bad day, but as soon as you set foot on that stage it's joyous.