Greg Evigan — American Actor born on October 14, 1953,

Gregory Ralph "Greg" Evigan is an American actor known for the television series B. J. and the Bear, My Two Dads, P.S. I Luv U and TekWar... (wikipedia)

I am back in Los Angeles after a very successful run in Chicago as Billy Flynn.
I've been playing the bad guy in the last seven or eight projects I've done. I like it. It's a lot more interesting! Being the good guy gets a little stale after a while, you know?
I'm a tek addict myself. No matter where you are, people are looking for something to tear them away from reality, challenge their state of mind.
Sci-fi fans are the most loyal fans on the planet - there's no doubt about it. I've done a few of those conventions, and these people will know the lines!
I'm actually in my 22-year-old son Jason's band, After Midnight Project. The music is like Coldplay-ish rock.