Hasso Plattner — German Businessman born on January 21, 1944,

Hasso Plattner is a German billionaire businessman. A co-founder of SAP AG software company, he has served as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SAP AG since May 2003... (wikipedia)

I'm a Berliner - fast, loud, obnoxious, industrious, brutally open.
I can't control my frustration.
I would have liked to grow up in Liverpool and become a rocker. I would have put my boots on, jeans and a leather jacket, and long hair and played the guitar.
Business reporting is not dealing with objects, it is dealing with relationships between objects.
At Stanford, we teach 'design thinking' - that is, we put together small, interdisciplinary groups to figure out what the true needs are and then to apply the art of engineering to serve them.