Havelock Ellis — British Psychologist born on February 02, 1859, died on July 08, 1939

Henry Havelock Ellis, known as Havelock Ellis, was an English physician, writer, progressive intellectual and social reformer who studied human sexuality. He was co-author of the first medical textbook in English on homosexuality in 1897, and also published works on a variety of sexual practices and inclinations, as well as transgender psychology. He is credited with introducing the notions of narcissism and autoeroticism, later adopted by psychoanalysis. He served as president of the Galton Institute and, like many intellectuals of his era, supported eugenics... (wikipedia)

Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive.
Every man of genius sees the world at a different angle from his fellows, and there is his tragedy.
All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.
The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw.
The Promised Land always lies on the other side of a Wilderness.