Heather Doerksen — Canadian Actress

Heather Doerksen /ˈdɜrksɨn/ is a Canadian actress who has appeared on stage, and on screen alongside such actors as Kathy Bates, William H. Macy, Christopher Lloyd, and Jessica Alba. She has voiced many cartoons and advertising campaigns... (wikipedia)

I used to write on my resume that I was shorter than I was because I thought it would inhibit my roles, and as soon as I embraced that I am a tall female, I started getting really fantastic roles and really didn't even worry about wearing heels.
I typically do yoga and I walk everywhere, and that's how I get my exercise.
I do like reality TV. I've always liked 'Survivor' since season 1.
I really like to do comedy, and I did comedy the first 2 years after I graduated college, so I really love it and appreciate it.