Heather Dubrow — American Actress born on January 05, 1969,

Heather Paige Dubrow is an American actress and television personality. She portrayed Lydia DeLucca in the television series That's Life in 2000, and has starred on the reality television series The Real Housewives of Orange County since its seventh season in 2012... (wikipedia)

Because I am married to a surgeon, I do Botox and I do some fillers. But I truly believe that the best beauty secret is happiness. I know that sounds sappy, but I'm just telling you it comes from the inside and spreads out. The happier and more satisfied you are living your life, the better you will look.
Truth is stranger than fiction, which is why reality TV is so popular.
From a very young age, I was singing and acting and performing for my family.
To hide behind a computer and an anonymous persona to spew hate at another person is despicable.
I do like nice things; we do live in a great house, but I don't choose my friends by how much money they have or what labels they're wearing.