Henry Allingham — British Celebrity born on June 06, 1896, died on July 18, 2009

Henry William Allingham was a British supercentenarian, the oldest British man ever, First World War veteran and, for one month, the verified oldest living man in the world. He is also the second-oldest military veteran ever, and at the time of his death, he was the 12th-verified oldest man of all time... (wikipedia)

I had 53 years of happy marriage and two daughters. These were the best things that happened in my life.
I don't mind if my future is long or short, as long as I'm doing the right thing. And as long as I behave for other people.
I've only ever kissed one girl: my Dorothy. We met in 1915 and married in 1918. She died in 1970.
How have I lived so long? I never worried. In the '20s, there were millions of men out of work. You couldn't get a job anywhere. I wasn't worried.
Seeing the funny side of life is useful, and I've always had a sense of humour.