Ian Gomez — American Actor born on December 27, 1964,

Ian Gomez is an American actor best known for his comedic TV work, the most notable of which are his series-regular stints as Javier on Felicity and Andy on Cougar Town... (wikipedia)

As a child, one of my defense mechanisms was to try to be funny. My mom tried to nurture that by putting me in acting class. But I got bored when we stopped pretending to be trees and actually had to work.
I met my wife, Nia Vardalos, at The Second City, and she was chomping at the bit to move to L.A.
We come from Second City where you're taught if you make your fellow stage partner look good, that makes you look good.
My mom's family is Russian Jewish, and my dad's Puerto Rico Catholic, so it's kind of a weird mix.
Scott Foley was always fun because he's a very funny guy. So I liked working with him a bunch.