Iris Chang — Chinese Historian born on March 28, 1968, died on November 09, 2004

Iris Shun-Ru Chang was an American journalist. She is best known for her best-selling 1997 account of the Nanking Massacre, The Rape of Nanking. She committed suicide on November 9, 2004 as a result of serious depression. Chang is the subject of the 2007 biography, Finding Iris Chang, and the 2007 documentary film Iris Chang: The Rape of Nanking... (wikipedia)

Whatever is not commonly seen is condemned as alien.
I don't mind solitude. I love talking to other people, but I do need my space.
It's a wonderful thing to see a segment of our population that is open and eager to learn more about Chinese culture. It has filtered into the mainstream. You see credit-card ads on TV with white couples and Chinese babies.
I may attempt a novel. I think that no matter what you write, it requires being honest with oneself, and you have to pull yourself out of the whirlwind of daily life.
The worst... was what the Pakistani soldiers did to the Bengali women after their failed rebellion.