Israel Broussard — American Actor born on August 22, 1994,

Isaiah Israel Broussard, known professionally as Israel Broussard, is an American actor, best known for portraying one of the lead roles in Sofia Coppola's crime film The Bling Ring, inspired by the real robberies of Hollywood celebrities by a group of California teenagers. In 2015, He played Carson in Lifetime movie, Perfect High and Jack in H8RZ... (wikipedia)

Every once in the while I'll watch 'Duck Dynasty' and 'Kim & Kourtney Take Miami,' but outside of that, I don't really watch TV. Also, I don't text anybody, I'm hardly on Twitter or Instagram, and I'm very closed off. I'm kind of a hermit.
Actually, I wanted to be a musician, either a guitarist or a drummer. I guess my dreams were in the entertainment industry, and I landed somewhere along there.
I grew up with three sisters, so I got used to being around them and all of their worries about fashion and what they are wearing.
I want to create. I think that's the one word I can grow on.
I think a lot of people get lost. They start following iconic figures and get drowned in the pool of celebrity. Our society, as we know it, is definitely changing. With social media and cell phones, you freak out when you don't know what's going on.