J. B. Smoove — American Actor born on December 16, 1966,

Jerry Angelo Brooks, better known as J. B. Smoove, is an American actor, writer, and comedian. He began his career on Def Comedy Jam in the early 1990s. He is best known for his recurring role as Leon on the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Smoove joined the Season 2 cast of the Fox sitcom 'Til Death in 2008, and was promoted to the main cast for Season 3. He also starred on the CBS sitcom The Millers from 2013-2015. He currently portrays a fictionalized version of himself on the BET improv-comedy reality television parody Real Husbands of Hollywood... (wikipedia)

When you're babysitting a kid, all you're seeing is a version of them, a small dosage.
I'm big on facial expressions, and I'm big on mannerisms, which I find to be hilarious.
You got to start by doing little things if your quest is to take over the world.
You turn hotdogs with tongs. Don't you ever use those tongs on a hamburger.
Live TV has an amazing pace to it. You've got to be able to think quick, make changes last minute, and be funny and fast.