Jaclyn Smith — American Actress born on October 26, 1947,

Jacquelyn Ellen "Jaclyn" Smith is an American actress and businesswoman. She is known for her role as Kelly Garrett in the television series Charlie's Angels, and was the only original female lead to remain with the series for its complete run. She reprised the role with a cameo appearance in the 2003 film Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Her other films include Nightkill and Déjà Vu. Beginning in the 1980s, she began developing and marketing her own brands of clothing and perfume... (wikipedia)

Angels are like diamonds. They can't be made, you have to find them. Each one is unique.
I'm not about my breasts; I'm just about good health, OK. I'm not afraid of doing what I need to do to stay here. I really don't understand women who are in denial, who don't want to go for a mammogram. I think it's stupidity. Sorry. I have no patience for that.
I wanted to be a ballet teacher.
Chemotherapy isn't easy. I felt very fortunate I wouldn't have to go through that.
I was the first actress who branded her own line at a time when everyone just lent their name to a product. Everyone said I shouldn't do it, but it was probably the best thing I've ever done.