Jacqueline Winspear — English Writer

Jacqueline Winspear is a mystery writer, author of the ‘Maisie Dobbs’ series of books which explore the aftermath of World War I. She has won several mystery writing awards for books in this popular series... (wikipedia)

It's really important in any historical fiction, I think, to anchor the story in its time. And you do that by weaving in those details, by, believe it or not, by the plumbing.
My favorite way to unwind is to go for a walk with my husband and the dog at the end of the working day, then we go to our local health club for a swim and to sit by the pool and read for a while.
I love time with family and friends, but completely relish time on my own when I have no agenda to follow, no to-do's, just me and time alone.
I love dogs, horses and generally all animals.
We talk about globalization today as if it's some great big new thing, that we've all just discovered. But there's really nothing new about it.

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