Jase Robertson — American Celebrity born on August 16, 1969,

Jason Silas "Jase" Robertson is an American television star on the A&E reality television show Duck Dynasty, the COO of the business Duck Commander, an innovator, and a "professional" duck hunter. Jase Robertson lives in West Monroe, Louisiana with his wife, Missy, and his three children Reed, Cole and Mia. Robertson is known for avoiding work in favor of hunting and fishing, speaking "duckinese", and for his self-proclaimed frog-hunting abilities. He calls himself "a frog's worst nightmare"... (wikipedia)

If people want to simulate a godly lifestyle - great. If they don't - good luck with that.
I'm just a simple guy. I love being at my house with my family, I love playing dominos and card games and hunting and fishing. That's just what I like to do.
A duck tastes the same whether they're shot sitting or flying.
I thought Clint Eastwood was cool in all the western movies, but I'm not gonna drive somewhere he's at and stand in line to see him. I told Missy, my wife, 'The only person I'd stand in line for is God Almighty. You made the universe? All right, I'll get in line!'
I'm of the opinion that a duck does not change styles every time it crosses a state line. I think they sound the same way from Canada all the way to the coast. As far as championship calling... I realize that a duck could not win a world championship, and that's why I don't do that. When it comes to duck calling, our judges have wings.