Jason O'Mara — Irish Actor born on August 06, 1972,

Jason O'Mara is an Irish actor. He has starred in the American television network dramas In Justice, Life on Mars, Terra Nova and Vegas. He is also known for voicing DC Comics' superhero Batman in Son of Batman, Batman vs. Robin, Justice League: War and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis animated films... (wikipedia)

I turned up my nose at yoga for years. I was a rugby player growing up. But now I know. When I'm on those long international flights, like 22 hours from L.A. to Sydney, I'll get up sometimes and do yoga in the aisle just to stretch out a little bit.
I've spent three hours hanging upside down while fighting off dinosaur attacks. That was a lot of fun.
A sense of humor saves your life, and being able to make friends wherever you go.
Sometimes the things that scare me are the things I'm drawn to: moving to London, L.A., New York; marrying, having a kid. In order to live a full life, sometimes you have to do things that scare you.
I became an American citizen three years ago, and if I'd been arrested, maybe that wouldn't have happened. That was a very proud moment, by the way. I still have my Irish passport, but becoming an American citizen was important in terms of my family.