Jean Monnet — French Politician born on November 09, 1888, died on March 16, 1979

Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet was a French political economist and diplomat. He is regarded by many as the chief architect of European unity and the founding father of the European Union. He was the first leader of a European executive body, as President of the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community, and thus he is known as the "Father of Europe". Never elected to public office, Monnet worked behind the scenes of American and European governments as a well-connected pragmatic internationalist. He was named patron of the 1980–1981 academic year at the College of Europe, in honour of his accomplishments... (wikipedia)

Everybody is ambitious. The question is whether he is ambitious to be or ambitious to do.
Nothing is possible without men, but nothing lasts without institutions.
To rewrite history on the bases of hypotheses which have not materialized is not only a fruitless task, but, in my eyes, meaningless.
The countries of Europe are too small to guarantee their peoples the necessary prosperity and social development. The European states must constitute themselves into a federation.
Nothing important is done in the United States without lawyers.

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