Jean Reno — French Actor born on July 30, 1948,

Juan Moreno y Herrera-Jiménez, known as Jean Reno, is a Moroccan-born French actor of Spanish descent. Working in French, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian, he has appeared in numerous successful films such as Crimson Rivers, Godzilla, The Da Vinci Code, Mission: Impossible, The Pink Panther, Ronin, Les visiteurs, The Big Blue, and Léon... (wikipedia)

I'm a minimalist. I don't really need much to enjoy a good holiday - just my family and the bare essentials.
The best way to impress a woman is to be the most honest you can.
Croatia is an amazing place.
The advantage of being eighty years old is that one has had many people to love.
But I will say that most comedians are the saddest people I know. That is the biggest paradox to me.