Jeff Tweedy — American Musician born on August 26, 1967,

Jeffrey Scot "Jeff" Tweedy is an American songwriter, musician, and record producer best known as the leader of the band Wilco... (wikipedia)

Even when I don't think I'm writing, I'm writing. There's some part of my brain geared toward making songs up, and I know it's collecting things and I know when I get a moment to be by myself, that's when they come out.
I guess I don't think there's any reason to feel guilty about having joy in your life, regardless of how bad things are in the world.
I don't think you can be good in life without acknowledging the part of you that isn't good.
You obviously don't really forget how to play the old songs; you just don't have to spend so much time convincing yourself that you remember them. Way less mental energy is spent swimming around in lyrics you've already written and chords you've already played.
I was never at my best when I was at my worst. When I did do good stuff in the past, it was because I was able to transcend the parts of my being that weren't healthy.