Jesse Schell — American Designer born on June 13, 1970,

Jesse N. Schell is an American video game designer, an acclaimed author, CEO of Schell Games and a Distinguished Professor of the Practice of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, a joint master's program between the College of Fine Arts and School of Computer Science in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... (wikipedia)

A good game gives us meaningful accomplishment - clear achievement that we don't necessarily get from real life. In a game, you've beaten level four, the boss monster is dead, you have a badge, and now you have a super laser sword. Real life isn't like that, right?
One of the main things that's appealing about games is that you know a game can be won. It's an unusual game that's impossible to win.
Games are starting to creep into every aspect of our day.
The main way to reduce stress in the workplace is by picking the right people.
We are shifting into an enjoyment-based economy. And who knows more about making enjoyment than game developers?