Jim Woodring — American Artist born on October 11, 1952,

James William Woodring is an American cartoonist, fine artist, writer and toy designer. He is best known for the dream-based comics he published in his magazine Jim, and as the creator of the anthropomorphic cartoon character Frank, who has appeared in a number of short comics and graphic novels... (wikipedia)

Everything I do tries to do the same thing, which is to express things that are hard to express, hidden things.
A tree is an incomprehensible mystery.
Real shapes and real patterns are things you would observe in nature, like the marks on the back of a cobra's hood or the markings on a fish or a lizard. Imaginary shapes are just that, symbols that come to a person in dreams or reveries and are charged with meaning.
Alternative cartoonists have to rely on comic book stores to get their stuff in the hands of readers.
It takes more drawing to tell a story in pantomime.

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