Joey Dunlop — Irish Celebrity born on February 25, 1952, died on July 02, 2000

William Joseph Dunlop, OBE, was a world champion motorcyclist from Ballymoney in Northern Ireland. In 2005 he was voted the fifth greatest motorcycling icon ever by Motorcycle News. His achievements include three hat-tricks at the Isle of Man TT meeting, where he won a record 26 races in total. Joey Dunlop's name is amongst the most revered by fans of motorcycle racing. This iconic stature, coupled to Dunlop's somewhat shy and unassuming persona, has led to him being seen as a true working class hero. Such attributes deeply endeared him to fans of motorcycling across the world. During his career he won the Ulster Grand Prix 24 times. In 1986 he won a fifth consecutive TT Formula One world title... (wikipedia)

One or two of the trips were a bit scary. Soldiers had me at gun point on one trip, locked me in my van all night and escorted me in and out of buildings when I wanted to wash.
It was nothing, just the normal thing to do at the time.
I've always worked on the machines, especially the 125 and 250 which are really difficult to set up.
I didn't have a clue where I was going on my first lap of practice.