John Catsimatidis — Greek Businessman born on September 07, 1948,

John A. Catsimatidis is a Greek-American billionaire businessman and radio talk show host. He is the owner, president, chairman, and CEO of Gristedes Foods, the largest grocery chain in Manhattan, and the Red Apple Group, a real estate and aviation company with about $700 million to $800 million in holdings in New York, Florida, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Catsimatidis also owns the Hellenic Times, a Greek-American newspaper based in Manhattan. He is also the chairman and CEO of the Red Apple Group subsidiary United Refining Company. He currently hosts a talk-radio show on WNYM... (wikipedia)

Material things don't matter.
I'm a visionary. I'm not a maintenance person.
We have to draw the line someplace with all the pesticides being used by the farmers.
Nobody destroys people - people destroy themselves, and it's very, very sad.
The reason I grew so fast in the supermarket business, without help of the banks in those days, was through my vendors. I convinced my vendors, the companies I was doing business with, if I did more business, they would do more business.