John Frankenheimer — American Director born on February 19, 1930, died on July 06, 2002

John Michael Frankenheimer was an American film and television director known for social dramas and action/suspense films. Among his credits were Birdman of Alcatraz, The Manchurian Candidate, Seven Days in May, The Train, Seconds, Grand Prix, French Connection II, Black Sunday, and Ronin... (wikipedia)

The importance of the assistant director cannot be overemphasized.
The accolades usually come when you're dead or too old to get a job.
There are two things I will never do in my life. I will never climb Mount Everest, and I will never work with Val Kilmer again. There isn't enough money in the world.
I mean, this whole digital revolution is really eroding the director's importance on a movie because, number one, just from a practical standpoint, with floppy disks and the ability to put all of the film onto a disk, more people have access to the movie.
I feel that my job is to create an atmosphere where creative people can do their best work.