Karine Vanasse — Canadian Actress born on November 24, 1983,

Karine Vanasse is a French Canadian actress, who had roles in the films Polytechnique, Séraphin: Heart of Stone, Switch and Emporte-moi. Internationally she is best known for her roles as Colette Valois in Pan Am and Margaux LeMarchal in Revenge, both U.S. television series... (wikipedia)

It had always been a dream of mine to come to New York to work. Coming to New York and looking for work is one thing, but coming to New York and already having a job and feeling like you are already part of the city has been an amazing experience for me.
I love to fly so much.
As for the Canadians - good actors and good directors are sometimes taken by the American market, you know, if they're good enough.
Gloves make you so much more delicate.
I always worked mostly in Quebec. I never thought of the States, somehow. I don't know - I don't have blue eyes or blond hair. I thought I didn't fit with the stereotype of America.