Karl Jaspers — German Psychologist born on February 23, 1883, died on February 26, 1969

Karl Theodor Jaspers was a German-Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher who had a strong influence on modern theology, psychiatry and philosophy. After being trained in and practicing psychiatry, Jaspers turned to philosophical inquiry and attempted to discover an innovative philosophical system. He was often viewed as a major exponent of existentialism in Germany, though he did not accept this label... (wikipedia)

Only then, approaching my fortieth birthday, I made philosophy my life's work.
My own being can be judged by the depths I reach in making these historical origins my own.
The more determinedly I exist, as myself, within the conditions of the time, the more clearly I shall hear the language of the past, the nearer I shall feel the glow of its life.
Only as an individual can man become a philosopher.
The community of masses of human beings has produced an order of life in regulated channels which connects individuals in a technically functioning organisation, but not inwardly from the historicity of their souls.