Katia Winter — Swedish Actress born on October 13, 1983,

Katia Winter is a Swedish actress. She is known for her role as Nadia on the series Dexter and her starring role as Katrina Crane on the Fox series Sleepy Hollow... (wikipedia)

I had a dream, when I was little, to become a police officer and a crime investigator.
I love Nike's running shoes and clothes because they feel as light as a feather.
I'm a bit of a chocolate snob, actually, since I used to work at a chocolate shop in England when I was really young. And since then, it's been hard for me to eat cheap chocolate.
I always like when things are loosely based on real events. That always makes it more interesting because there's a lot of research you can do.
If I had a choice, I love making smoothies, or having some fresh fruit and some good snacks. A smoothie with banana, kale, blueberries and almond milk is so good.