Katie Featherston — American Actress born on October 20, 1982,

Katie Dianne Featherston is an American actress. She is best known for playing the role of Katie, the main antagonist of the Paranormal Activity series... (wikipedia)

I think fear of the unknown is the scariest thing.
I don't spend a lot of time thinking about scary demons, but I think that there are things in this world that are unexplainable that are mystical or paranormal. The possibility is there, definitely.
I have friends that I have made through Twitter or things like that, but they're all verified as real people - I've either seen them perform, or we're mutual fans of each other, something like that. I don't have any authentic, 'Catfish'-worthy stories.
I have a lot of good people in my actual life, but I will say that it's a strange time that we live in - it's easy to make friends and to make connections through social media, and if you're a good-hearted person, sometimes you can just assume people are who they say they are, and that isn't always the case, which is why 'Catfish' is successful.
I've twice accidentally stolen something, and both times I went back and paid for them when I realized I had done it.