Katori Hall — American Playwright born on May 10, 1981,

Katori Hall is an American playwright, journalist, and actress from Memphis, Tennessee... (wikipedia)

Don't let others put thoughts into your mind that takes away your self-confidence.
I'm very Southern in the way I walk in the world. I love to laugh. I love to eat. I love to hug people. But if somebody makes me mad, my neck may roll. I can be aggressive with a Southern twang.
I'm very opinionated, very intelligent and not afraid to show that.
Follow your intuition, listening to your dreams, your inner voice to guide you.
Many theaters are tackling the multifaceted work of black writers - established and emerging. Now the next step is for them to bring in audiences of color and continue to go out to our community and create a continuous connection that extends beyond the one black show in the season.