Kelli White — American Athlete born on April 01, 1977,

Kelli White is an American former sprinter. She won two gold medals in the World Championships in Paris in 2003. However, on June 18, 2004, she was stripped of her medals, because she tested positive on a drug test. She admitted guilt and testified before the Court of Arbitration for Sport. All her performances since December 15, 2000, have been annulled. She was banned for two years by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, effective May 17, 2004. She retired from professional track in 2006... (wikipedia)

I felt that to do this drug, I had to become someone totally different than I was. I had to compromise my integrity, my value system. I knew it was so wrong.
It got to be so easy that I was actually disappointed.
I felt betrayed by him, extremely betrayed. He made me believe that if I followed a certain protocol of supplements and different drugs that I could become number 1 in the world.
I felt that there were so many people doing it that I would just be like one of the others.
The acne thing was bad. The shoulders, the face, my voice changed. I had a period every other week.