Larry Gagosian — American Businessman born on April 19, 1945,

Lawrence Gilbert "Larry" Gagosian is an Armenian Americans art dealer who owns the Gagosian Gallery chain of art galleries. Working in concert with collectors including Douglas S. Cramer, Eli Broad and Keith Barish he developed a reputation for staging museum quality exhibitions... (wikipedia)

The sun never sets on my gallery.
I'm not in the luxury-goods business. I sell unique objects. I wish I was in luxury goods because then I could just call the factory and say, 'I need 10,000 more of whatever.' But I can't - because then it's not art, it's something else.
I was always very focused on how people dressed.
I don't wear plaid shirts.
I never really took a proper art class in college. I just started reading art magazines and going to galleries. I was really drawn to it.