Laura Dekker — Dutch Celebrity born on September 20, 1995,

Laura Dekker is a Dutch sailor. In 2009, she announced her plan to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe single-handed. A Dutch court stepped in, due to the objections of the local authorities, and prevented Dekker from departing while under shared custody of both her parents. In July 2010, a Dutch family court ended this custody arrangement, and the record breaking attempt finally began on 21 August 2010. Dekker successfully completed the solo circumnavigation in an 11.5-metre two-masted ketch, arriving in Simpson Bay,Sint Maarten, on 21 January 2012... (wikipedia)

I follow my own head. And if I'm determined to do something, then I'll make sure that I make it happen.
As soon as I get on my boat, something inside me changes. Then I really feel what living is.
Over a period of 11 months, I was constantly afraid that Youth Care would lock me up. It was all a frightening and traumatic experience. So often, these terrible memories come to me. I can't ignore them.
At sea, I feel comfortable and I come to rest.
When I'm not surfing or sailing, I am to be found at the harbour working on my boat.