Laurence Sterne — Irish Novelist born on November 24, 1713, died on March 18, 1768

Laurence Sterne was an Anglo-Irish novelist and an Anglican clergyman. He is best known for his novels The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy; but he also published many sermons, wrote memoirs, and was involved in local politics. Sterne died in London after years of fighting consumption... (wikipedia)

Courtship consists in a number of quiet attentions, not so pointed as to alarm, nor so vague as not to be understood.
The desire of knowledge, like the thirst of riches, increases ever with the acquisition of it.
Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.
In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.
Only the brave know how to forgive... a coward never forgave; it is not in his nature.