Laurene Powell Jobs — American Businesswoman born on November 06, 1963,

Laurene Powell Jobs is an American heiress; business executive; and the founder of Emerson Collective, which advocates for policies concerning education and immigration reform, social justice, and environmental conservation. She is also co-founder and President of the Board of College Track, which prepares disadvantaged high school students for college. Powell Jobs resides in Palo Alto, California, with her three children. She is the widow of Steve Jobs, co-founder and former chief executive officer of Apple Inc. She manages the Laurene Powell Jobs Trust, formerly known as the Steven P. Jobs Trust, which owns 130–140 million shares of stock in The Walt Disney Company, making her its largest shareholder. As of 2015, she is ranked the 45th richest person in the world by Forbes... (wikipedia)

How about we agree upon what our common American values are, which is let's make this a true land of opportunity.
To do what you wanna do, to leave a mark - in a way that you think is important and lasting - that's a life well-lived.
I started getting more and more active around immigration reform because this was such a waste of lives, such a waste of potential, such a waste for our country not to have the human capital that we developed - geared toward improving our entire society.
My relationship with money is that it's a tool to be self-sufficient, but it's not something that is a part of who I am.