Lea Salonga — Filipino Actress born on February 22, 1971,

María Lea Carmen Imutan Salonga KLD, better known as Lea Salonga, is a Filipina singer and actress best known for her roles in musical theatre, for supplying the singing voices of two Disney Princesses, and as a recording artist and television performer, especially in the Philippines... (wikipedia)

I want every Filipino woman empowered with information regarding all options available to her regarding family planning.
Love your enemies... it's not always an easy tenet to live by... and I have more often than not been inclined to wish my enemies ill than well.
I was doing TV work, theatre work, and some film work in the Philippines when I left.
I play video games a lot... I love to read... I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, who are my most favorite people in the world.
I have no inner monologue.