Lee Harvey Oswald — American Criminal born on October 18, 1939, died on November 24, 1963

Lee Harvey Oswald was an American sniper who assassinated President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. According to five U.S. government investigations, Oswald shot and killed Kennedy as he traveled by motorcade through Dealey Plaza in the city of Dallas, Texas... (wikipedia)

Americans are so spoiled. They think you always have to have a car, whereas I got away on my own two feet.
And that is my definition of democracy, the right to be in a minority and not be suppressed.
As my Russian improves, I become increasingly conscious of just what sort of a society I live in.
I am a communist and a worker, and I have lived in a decadent capitalist society where the workers are slaves.
I don't know why you are treating me like this. The only thing I have done is carry a pistol into a movie.