Lia Ices — American Musician

Lia Ices is a singer-songwriter from Westport, Connecticut, currently living in Northern California. While she has been performing and recording for several years, Ices gained prominence when her song "Love is Won", from her second studio album Grown Unknown, was played over the closing credits of the second-to-last episode of season one of HBO's Girls on June 10, 2012... (wikipedia)

Being in a space that's not a studio, it kind of creates an openness of 'We can do whatever we want here; we're not on the clock.'
I can be super reclusive and hermetic, and then I can be in California and host dinner parties and drink wine. It's all me.
I can play piano, and I write everything on piano, but I don't really feel like a piano player, necessarily.
I gave in to the idea of paying attention to what you like and letting it help you make better stuff.
I realized that there was much more to my voice than I'd ever been led to explore and that I could make my own songs.