Liu Xiang — Chinese Athlete born on July 13, 1983,

Liu Xiang is a retired Chinese 110 meter hurdler. Liu is an Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion. His 2004 Olympic gold medal was the first in a men's track and field event for China... (wikipedia)

What I want is that I can match my performances during training so I can be satisfied with myself.
Collin Jackson was a little before my time and he was a really good athlete. I've raced with him, but he's now retired. He's a really good role model and someone that I've learnt a lot from.
Challenges are meant to be met and overcome.
When I was younger, I used to be a high jumper before I switched to hurdles.
Of course, rivals do affect athletes mentally, but if you are competing with top-notch athletes, you will push each other, you will encourage each other.