Lope de Vega — Spanish Playwright born on November 25, 1562, died on August 27, 1635

Félix Lope de Vega y Carpio was a Spanish playwright, poet and novelist. He was one of the key figures in the Spanish Golden Century of Baroque literature. His reputation in the world of Spanish literature is second only to that of Cervantes, while the sheer volume of his literary output is unequalled, making him one of the most prolific authors in the history of literature... (wikipedia)

Harmony is pure love, for love is complete agreement.
There is no greater glory than love, nor any greater punishment than jealousy.
With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy.
Dreaming of a tomorrow, which tomorrow, will be as distant then as 'tis today.
Profits on the exchange are the treasures of goblins.