Louise Gluck — American Poet born on April 22, 1943,

Louise Elisabeth Glück is an American poet. She was appointed Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 2003, after serving as a Special Bicentennial Consultant three years prior in 2000... (wikipedia)

What I responded to, on the page, was the way a poem could liberate, by means of a word's setting, through subtleties of timing, of pacing, that word's full and surprising range of meaning. It seemed to me that simple language best suited this enterprise.
I preferred the simplest vocabulary.
It seems to me in the past it's been a good thing, as a writer, to have experiences I hadn't expected.
I don't live with earplugs. I don't like the spotlight - but I like overhearing conversations.
I have no concern with widening audience.